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personal trainers in stoke personal trainers in stoke

Personal Trainers in Stoke and Affordability

By fit2fight | The Blog

Sep 10

Can I Afford a Personal Trainer?

personal trainers in stoke

Stoke on Trent isn't exactly overflowing with money and a lot of people out there might think that they can’t afford a personal trainer, but you can get the extra fitness push you need from a quality personal trainer even on a budget. Basically you can stay well within your budget without compromising the quality of your workouts.

Setting yourself a fitness budget.

personal trainers in stoke

When setting yourself the spending limit for your training you should know exactly how much you can afford to spend on a personal trainer based on your monthly income and spending, this is the obvious first step and it doesn't matter if you have £40 to spare or £400, it’s important to stick to that budget. You can increase the budget you have for your training by making other slight adjustments to your normal lifestyle, for example reduce the amount of drinks you have on a night out, I'm not saying that you shouldn't live a little but reducing the amount spent on anything detrimental to your fitness goals will only go to help your cause, not only will this give you the funds to spend on your fitness goals but will help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and maybe the money you save this month can be dedicated towards training for the next month.

Let’s say, for example, that your budget can handle £200 towards personal training, (not everybody will be able to afford £200, this is just a figure to use as an example) it’s quite easy to tot up the £££’s by just nipping to the pub for a drink after work, you've realized that you spend around £20 on after work drinks each Friday night, or £100 a month. Now let’s say you decide to cut that spending in half, saving yourself £50 a month. This would allow you to put £250 towards your training budget for the following month, instead of £200, but be careful to make sure that you don’t start spending that extra £50 you have saved until you have it in the bank.

How much can I expect to pay for a Personal Trainer?

A good personal trainer is likely going to be at least £25.00 an hour and upwards.

Getting a friend or someone you know that goes to the same venue to share the cost of the personal training session is an ideal way to cut the cost for you, for your friend and at the same time you will both still get an excellent value for money training session.

Personal training can also be done in groups, such as boot camps, and can start from as little as just £4 a session per person.

personal trainers in stoke

So, finding out what you want from your personal trainer and combining that with what you can afford plus the bonus of bringing a friend into the mix to train with you and it actually turns out that you can afford more personal training sessions than you may have thought.

In any group setting where you see the same trainer every time you go, that personal trainer will get to know you, your eating habits, how hard you train and how far they can push you in each training session and making an appointment with a personal trainer on a weekly, or even 2 weekly basis keeps you on right on track.

Your personal trainer might even be able to offer you a discount if you buy in bulk from them, this might also help you to spend the money where you want to spend it rather than risk slipping into the pub for a drink or two after work again. This will of course reduce what you have to pay for your personal training sessions but don’t shell out your hard earned cash until you are happy that the personal trainer you have chosen or the boot camp you have chosen is the right one for you!

Finding The Right Match

So before shelling out your cash for one or more sessions, do your homework and start by getting information on the trainer, this is something that we at Personal Trainers In Stoke can help you out with. Having experience a professional education and certificates is a sure sign that you are dealing with a trainer who will be able to adapt exercises to your specific needs and any injuries you may have. As well as all the bells and whistle that education brings you may want to look for a trainer with happy clients that have achieved results, this speaks volumes for the personal trainer!

An experienced trainer may cost a little more but that little bit extra may be worth it, especially if you have been prone to injury in the past. Consider buying fewer sessions with that trainer or balancing personal training with group classes.

You should always choose a trainer you click with, but you need someone who’s going to have the experience to push you, vary your routine to keep you interested, and help you to maintain and improve your health.

If you do it right, hiring a really good personal trainer will be less expensive than you might think. Unless you have the budget to hire someone three days a week ask your trainer for a workout that you can do on your own and then meet with them once a week or once every two weeks to monitor progress and switch the training sessions to suit your needs.

With a really simple combination of budgeting a little and fitness exercises, you’ll have the personal trainer and the discipline to accomplish your fitness goals without stretching your budget too far. Can you really put a price on your own fitness?

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