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Gyms and Fitness Clubs Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

By fit2fight | The Blog

Sep 02

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

personal trainers in stoke

There are many gyms and fitness clubs in the Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme area and they all offer the bonus of a personal trainer, but there is a big difference in these places, some are more geared towards relaxation, providing facilities such as a steam room, Jacuzzi and small indoor pool, while others are solely and purposefully aimed at weight training in all its various forms, while some people may say that they are a member of a gym, this may be a point for argument, where does a gym stop being a gym and start to become a fitness centre or health club? There are after all differences between them.

Fitness Clubs

A fitness club can be used by absolutely any person looking to workout. Fitness clubs and health clubs are a health, recreational, and social facility which is geared towards exercise, sports, and other physical activities with the added bonus of being able to relax in the sauna or pool. Most fitness centres deal with many different types of exercise under the one roof.

There are also fitness centres that are geared towards a specific activity or discipline. For instance, there are Pilates centres, which focus on conditioning the mind and the body with specially designed equipment and a series of exercises to improve mental capacity, control, balance, flexibility, endurance, breathing, and much more, there are aerobic centres, which focus on cardiovascular health with the use of weights, ropes and other specialist equipment and circuit classes. All providing exercises for a healthy body and mind, and gyms, which are considered fitness clubs or centres but for the sake of the article, will be kept as a separate category.

personal trainers in stoke

Fitness centres are usually huge complexes, but it really depends on what activities and amenities they have to offer the member. Some have indoor and outdoor sports facilities as swimming pools, running tracks, rock climbing, sports playing fields, and rooms for martial arts, yoga, Pilates, spinning, weight training and classes for individual use, and regular gym equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers and cycling machines. They may also include saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, tanning beds, showers, locker rooms and some even offer childcare services, snack bars and retail sports stores. Basically they want to make sure you don't have to go anywhere else for your fitness and relaxation needs.

These places are definitely designed to create a comfortable atmosphere, an atmosphere that has more opportunity for meeting new people and socializing.


Gym is just a short name for a gymnasium, and gyms offer a wide range of indoor activities and events, and just like fitness centres, there are many sizes and types, some gyms focus mainly on weight training or lifting, in fact, that was is your basic setup for a pure gym environment. Others are equipped with cardiovascular machines as well and offer classes. Specific activity gyms also include aerobics, martial arts, and Pilates. There are also 24-hour gyms, which if you hadn't guessed, are open 24 hours a day.

personal trainers in stoke

Again just like fitness centres, gyms offer classes in various workout disciplines and sporting activities; provide experienced, certified personal trainers and staff; the use of treadmills, rowing machines, cycling stations, and other cardiovascular equipment, the use of free weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and weight machines, swimming pool, maybe saunas, steam rooms, basketball courts, tanning, locker rooms, showers, and childcare services. For your comfort and ease, the cardio equipment may have televisions or docking stations, some even have internet access on them.

Monthly membership fees at gyms depend on the services and amenities you sign up for, there are on peak and off peak prices available and prices can start as low as £9.99 a month and there are some that offer a month at a reduced rate as a trial, you have to keep an eye out for those offers and take advantage of them when they pop up.

All the fitness centres, health clubs and gyms in Stoke on Trent have the option of the use of a personal trainer, they also have something different for anybody that is looking for variation in their exercise routine, it could be that you may prefer to go to a few circuit classes that the gym holds, or spinning classes, these are great for fitness levels and fat burning so along with the right diet you can achieve all of your fitness goals at absolutely any of these places. The important thing to remember when you are looking to join any of these places is making sure that it offers you what you want for your goals, and the kind of training that you are looking for. Make the right choice and you will rapidly reach your goals of health and fitness, especially with the help of one of the many personal trainers that Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme has to offer along with these venues.

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