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circuit training in Newcastle under Lyme circuit training in Newcastle under Lyme

Circuit Training in Newcastle under Lyme

By fit2fight | The Blog

Aug 16
personal trainers in stoke

OK, firstly, what is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a fast paced high intensity class that is run by experienced personal trainers where you will do one exercise or one station for generally around the 1 minute mark and move on to the next station. It's a bit like a game of musical chairs that has you feeling the burn after a short space of time. At the start you would go in and choose your starting point, choose whatever station you feel good with, you'll get taken through a warm up, return to your starting point and as soon as the instructor yells TIME, that' your cue to start training, after the minute the personal trainer will yell TIME again and everyone moves to the next station and gets stuck straight into that station for the next minute, I think you can see where this goes for the next 28 minutes.

Some classes alternate an aerobic activity with a muscle strengthening activity like using free weights or bodyweight exercises. Others focus exclusively on muscle toning or aerobic exercise. What circuit training does for you is increases your strength and aerobic fitness and it will burn a lot of calories. Circuit training tends to be intense, but it’s completely adaptable to the individual. As a beginner you will just use less weight and perform simpler moves like smaller box jumps than the more experienced, but everyone will still gets a good workout.

Who is circuit training good for? The answer is simple, anyone looking for a good sweat and to shake out of a training plateau, anybody with a busy schedule that wants to combine a strength and aerobic routine in one intense workout. Basically anyone who wants a really fun and fast paced workout will like circuit training classes, and in all the classes I have seen and been involved in, the personal trainers are a great bunch that want to help you as individuals along your fitness path.

The personal trainers are excellent and are aware of each class members fitness level so they know how far you can be pushed, and even though you're moving quickly from station to station, the instructor still needs to focus on proper technique and form. A word of advise for any beginner is to pay attention to your body and how you feel, many people are surprised by how challenging a good circuit class can be. As I have been close to this kind of training I have been hearing constantly good things about the following circuit training venues so, here they are.

Caveman Training

Adam Pugh is the founder of Caveman Training and it all started in 2001 through the rehabilitation of a life threatening leg injury. Adam and his team of personal trainers that run caveman training are very passionate about helping people achieve their goals of fat loss and muscle building, this message comes across very clearly and, anyone that goes to caveman training will tell you that the support and encouragement you get from the personal trainers is incredible, the atmosphere is excellent for training, its relaxed yet you know you are there to work as hard as you can, its fun and enjoyable.

Adam Pugh says "What is important to me is to give you professional advice and knowledge from my hand picked team to create the fastest results possible", and what else could you ask for? This is exactly why anybody would want to go to this kind of training venue, this style of training mixed with the dedication of the personal trainers will work for clients that are willing to work with the personal trainers. Caveman training is unique to generic fitness systems, each class experience is different from the last therefore you will never get bored doing the same fitness routine.

personal trainers in stoke
personal trainers in stoke

The half hour workout which is designed to boost your metabolism in a short time period utilising Aerobic and Anaerobic energy systems which is likened to the old school methods of training. The caveman classes are basically modified strong man/woman workouts which push you mentally and physically, leaving you feeling empowered and strong. Classes also incorporate Olympic lifting, gymnastic training, power lifting and functional fitness.

There is so much on offer at Caveman training, they hold 8 and 12 week challenges that are designed to get you working hard at the sessions and thinking about what you are eating to get to your goals very fast, on these challenges you are closely monitored and all your progress is marked down so you know exactly where you are in your particular journey of the challenge, they do Bioprints which give you all your body stats such as body fat %, muscle mass %, weight and much more that keeps you involved and motivated during the challenge. 

They have 2 sites at the moment but Adam is always looking to expand this, one in Fenton, which is the HQ, and one in Newcastle under Lyme. The Fenton site being the HQ is very well equipped with plenty of gym equipment ranging from squat racks to leg press machines and single free-weight benches with ample floorspace so they can set up the stations for the classes safely. The Newcastle site is also very well set up with all the equipment needed to make sure every class and personal training session that happens there will make sure you as the client get a full and thorough workout every time and you will have worked as hard as you could have done.

I can personally say that the kind of training on offer at Caveman Training mixed with the great atmosphere you get at the sessions is fantastic and if you are prepared to do the work at home with your nutrition then Caveman training will get you the results you want as a client. But you just have to ask any of the regulars that attend the classes what they think of Caveman Training and they will all give you the same answer, its as it should be, fun and hard work!

Warrior Fitness

Warrior fitness is a recent addition to the choice of circuit training venues in Newcastle, Mat Bailie and Tom Quinn have only been open for a short space of time but are becoming so popular that they have already had to seek out fresh new premises in the centre of Newcastle, purely because they are growing and are gaining a very good reputation for themselves from their own group of "Warriors". They have also had to increase the number of classes they can hold due to the catering for all the people that have seen what Warrior Fitness have to offer. The people that go to Warrior Fitness are coming away from the sessions feeling happy and that they have had a great workout at the same time.

I have done my research for all the venues in this article and have been to see what these guys deliver in their circuit training classes and they have a great mix of weights, bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises in every class, which is exactly what you would expect from a good circuit class. The clients all have smiles on their faces, and when your breathing hard due to a good workout, that's not too easy unless you are in the right environment, and these guys deliver just that! Hard training in a fun and enjoyable way.

Between these two guys Mat and Tom at Warrior Fitness they have bags of experience in fitness and training and are qualified instructors. These two guys are very passionate about bringing new people into the world of health and fitness and helping them to achieve the goals they are looking for. As well as the circuit training classes these guy also offer something different to the community, they organise local mud runs which are held at Bradwell called "Woodland Warrior" and I know quite a few people that entered this event earlier in the year and when we went to it the community spirit was great and everybody there, like the classes that these guys run, were happy and smiling, keen to get on with the challenge ahead, I thought the weather was perfect, drizzle and quite damp, after all they don't call them "mud runs" for nothing. They organise 6k runs and 8k runs and are fun for everybody to have a go at, it doesn't matter if you want to challenge yourself and make a good time in the run, or just have a crack at it for the fun of it these events are great. These guys also have on offer their own version of the 8 week challenge, these challenges are hard work but with the help of Mat and Tom you are helped through the full 8 weeks with masses of encouragement that keeps you going and going.

Mat has done some of the toughest runs in the country including the "born survivor" marathon and has rowed the English channel, Tom has been involved in fitness for years teaching physical education in schools and running his own football club, even doing this over in America for a number of months, all this great experience they bring to Warrior fitness.


4FITT was started only very recently, these guys have only been open for 4 months but in that time they have grown and are gaining a very good reputation for themselves through word of mouth alone.

When I spoke to Callum who has a degree in sports and coaching, he tells me that all the guys there are fully qualified PT's, all at level 3 and level 2 for gym instructor, they all have masses of experience in nutrition and have completed First aid courses and are fully up to date with health and safety. Between the 3 that are there, Callum, Mark and Haydn, they have 9 years experience working as fully qualified PT's and are very passionate about bringing new people into the world of health and fitness and a gym environment.

Anybody that is new to training of any sort can be confident that these guys are going to make sure that you are lifting well within your weight and that you are lifting correctly and safely, they also offer a circuit class for everybody that is just a little different, ill let you find out what that is for yourselves, they have told me and I think its a good twist on the circuit to help personal development.

So as well as circuit training what do they have? They have a nice gym area downstairs and offer PT's at very reasonable rates and at times to suit you, the client. They also have upstairs that has plenty of room for PT's and a good amount of boxing equipment around including bags, focus pads and gloves which, from what I have seen they use with their clients very effectively. These guys too are offering a 6 week challenge, and I have seen the results of the clients that are taking part in this challenge and they are all doing very well, a sign that the guys here are getting the right message across in the right way to their clients.

The bonus with this circuit venue is that it doubles as a gym, therefore it is open from very early in the morning for anyone wanting to use the gym, or to get that early morning beasting to get the day off right for them, until late in the evening, so there is plenty of time to get down there and exercise. They are a good bunch of guys that are very keen about health and fitness and want the client to achieve the goals they want in a short a time possible through hard work both in the sessions and at home with nutrition.

Guerrilla Training

Guerrilla training has been open for 2 years now and Mark, Gary and Andy are all time served and fully qualified personal trainers and gym instructors that can offer a complete package, their circuits are designed to deliver constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, they also offer personal training sessions at reasonable prices and at any time of the day.

The kind of training on offer here is a mix of aerobic exercise, interval training, body weight exercises and Olympic weight lifting geared towards inspiring people to reach their personal goals whether that be weight loss, toning or increasing muscle mass. Guerrilla describes its strength and conditioning program as "Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements for all fitness levels designed to change your outlook on exercise." This is exactly what you should be looking for in a good circuit class.

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The staff at Guerrilla training are really good guys, friendly and highly qualified staff that will guide you through their constantly varied circuits that include movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, flipping tyres, weightlifting, carrying heavy objects, and many bodyweight exercises.

There is great experience between these guys totalling around 30 years in the fitness industry and they have been involved in a number of sports that range from golf to football and rugby, all this experience they bring to the classes and sessions to pass on this knowledge and experience to their clients in the form of great classes and great personal training sessions.

As well as the circuits and the personal training sessions these guys offer a sports massage with Andy, one of the personal trainers, they also have a 6 week challenge where they will take body measurements at the start of the 6 weeks and at regular intervals through the 6 weeks giving help and motivation to those wanting to knuckle down and get to those results a lot quicker. This involves a nutrition plan and a minimum of 2 sessions in the circuit classes. They also have on offer for those that don't mind working out in the fresh air, a bootcamp that is held on Wolstanton marsh every Saturday and offer a discount for bulk buying classes.

personal trainers in stoke

All the above circuit training venues are completely different and although they all offer circuit training, they all do this a little differently to the next place, all these venues I can recommend and have included these circuit training venues in Newcastle under Lyme because people are saying good things about them, people are excited about what they are experiencing while they are training at these venues and all their clients are talking about how good these places are, and because they all have a different approach to the same kind of training there is something at any of these venues for everybody after all, not everybody likes the same thing, find what's right for you, and you can find that at any of these venues.

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