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Aug 10
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A personal trainers job is becoming increasingly more complicated and is requiring more from the personal trainer than just to be able to give the client a good workout, or a good beasting as personal trainers so affectionately like to put it. Although this is still a very big part of what the client expects from a training session the bulk of the journey to fitness comes when the session finishes and the client then goes home to repair the body after the session, and it will most definitely need repairing, and the only way you can make sure you are making the most out of how your body repairs itself is by making sure you are eating the right food, and at the right time.

Regular personal trainers are becoming a thing of the past and just taking clients through workouts will more than likely end up losing business through lack of results, more commonly personal trainers are having to give nutritional plans, exercise instruction, and change the clients approach to his or her training sessions in order to transform the lives of clients and build more rewarding lives for all involved. More often than not a personal trainer will not only be coming up with a variety of exercise routines but more importantly a full nutritional program to go with it. Personal trainers use exercise and nutrition combined in order to change the lives of their clients, without one or the other the clients goals are a lot less likely to be reached and probably never will be.

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To all you personal trainers out there, think about the last time a client came to you, what did the client want? Did they want an exercise program alone? Did the client expect results from exercise alone? I'm willing to put my neck on the line here and say the answer would have been a no to both of those questions, just how often would a client come to you and say "I want to do squats, press ups and burpees please", now,this may disturb a few people out there, clients and trainers, but some personal trainers are quite happy to write a program for their client and take them through a few sessions a week, the personal trainers in stoke website is here to make sure the personal trainers on here can be trusted to give their clients 100% of the service possible, this includes full nutrition advice. What nearly all clients want though is a positive change for the better. They want to change their body from whatever condition it may be in now to their version of the body they want. And they're asking for you, the personal trainers to help them do it. This is a huge ask from a person, basically, a client is prepared to spend their hard earned money on a personal trainers time, knowledge and experience to help the client get the results they are looking for so why not give them everything a personal trainer has to offer? This way if the client isn't getting the results they are looking for they only have one person to look at.

With the right tools, knowledge and experience, you can deliver that change for every client that walks through your gym door. So, for the client to get the results they want, you need to manage your clients when they are with you in one to one sessions and help them to manage their lives when they're not with you. Any personal trainer will tell you that exercise alone simply isn't enough to achieve body transformations.

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There is no doubt that exercise is a crucial ingredient on the road to a clients body transformation, but what is your client doing for the rest of the week? Eating and sleeping and this is why an exercise program alone is never going to be enough to be able to see the kind of transformation that a client expects from the sessions they have with their personal trainers, and so knowing how to change the way your client eats is one of the biggest advantages you can have as a professional personal trainer.

People who come to use personal trainers want to look better and feel better about themselves and they want to change their lives and lifestyles, but these people may also have a lot of excuses that are preventing them from being able to make these changes to their lives under their own steam.

Eat well, live well, be well.

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